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April 2014
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The Master Mind, although the ninth step, this is one of the four biggies, usually ranked number two behind a Definite Major Purpose, and just before Faith. This principle is of utmost importance if you desire to accumulate a great fortune. Do not under estimate the power of the Master Mind, the organized effort produced through the coordination of effort of two or more people who work toward a definite end in a spirit of harmony.

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This is the concluding episode about the principle of Persistence the eighth step to riches. In this episode there is a quick review, and then a discussion about the 16 symptoms of the lack of persistence and how to develop persistence.

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Are you one of the two out of 100 who has a definate goal at which you are aiming and have a definite plan for its attainment? Do you have a money consciousness or a poverty consciousness? Are you cultivating thr HABIT of persistence? 

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What is the habit of your decision making process? Are your decisions influenced by opinion of well meaning friends and family, or are your decisions based on fact or the experience of others who have done what you are thinking about? 

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Your personal inventory. 28 questions you should answer.

A discription of the Great Free Enterprise economic system that makes the American way of life so opportunistic.

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In this episode we are discussing the remainder of the 30 major causes of failure 7-30

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Continuing on in the chapter on Organized Planning. In this episode we review the 11 major factor of leadership and also the 10 major causes of failure in leadership. We also begin discussing the 30 major causes of failure.

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The sixth step to riches is organized plqnning. In this episode we discuss failure and temporary defeat, qnd the "Other" self. We also discuss the major attributes of leadership.

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What is the imagination that Napoleon Hill describes in this formula for creating wealth? Did you know there is more than one kind of imagination? Your thoughts are energy and vibrate at a frequency and are manifersted into reality. How do you develop and use your omagination? It is a powerful force that can be used effectively to realize your dreams and goals. 

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The fourth step to riches in the Napoleon Hill philosophy of personal achievement. We learn certain academic things which can be interesting and or boring, but aren't necessarily useful for acquiring wealth. We must realize that real opportunity comes from "seeing" opportunity and pursuing it with enthusiasm, discovering where we are lacking in any specialized knowledge, finding it and acquiring it and applying it. 

Specialized knowledge is knowledge used with the imagination to form ideas and create plans of action for the accumulation of wealth.

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